22 Football Supporters Killed in Riots in Egypt

22 Football Supporters Killed in Riots in Egypt

Cairo – big riots occurred again in Egyptian football. At least 22 people reportedly died in clashes between supporters and security forces in Cairo.

Quoted by Reuters, a riot broke out outside the Air Defense Stadium which is located in the east of the city of Cairo before the match between Zamalek with ENPPI in the Egyptian Premier League, Sunday (08/02/2015) local time yesterday.

Mentioned that most of the victims are those who are oppressed and running out of air after police used tear gas to disperse future forced their way into the stadium. Zamalek supporters group posted via social media when the riots started due to limited stadium entrance. It made thousands of spectators who are running out of patience began to force their way.

However there has been no official statement from the authorities in Egypt about the main cause of the incident. Egyptian health ministry called if there are 19 people died and 20 others were injured. The number of casualties mentioned growing and now has reached 22 people were killed.

“Supporters Zamalek in a number of very much come to the Air Defense Stadium to watch the game … and trying to break into the stadium by force, which made the security forces tried to block their conduct further offensive action,” according to the interior ministry.

A group of Zamalek fans still gathered in front of Cairo hospital after the incident. Meanwhile many other people who came to know the condition of their relatives who feared to be victims of the incident.

The security forces reportedly been asked to capture the leader of a group of supporters of Zamalek, known as Ultras White Knights.

The relationship between security officers and a group of supporters in Egypt escalated after the upheaval in the country in 2011 ago. Understood to be a group of supporters had a major role in the movement that eventually toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Football-related riots which took many casualties also occurred in Egypt three years ago. When the death toll reached 74 people.

This incident Egyptian football authorities implies termination league. Despite the unrest, the match between Zamalek with ENPPI continued and ended with the score 1-1.