Arsenal Face Steep Road Again After Losing The Game Cage Knockout Phase

Arsenal Face Steep Road Again After Losing The Game Cage Knockout Phase

Jakarta – For the third time in a row Arsenal, who underwent the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 at home, the defeat of his guests. The latest defeat the Gunners finish making the effort foundered in the last trends that are now becoming increasingly severe.

In the Emirates, Thursday (02/26/2015) pm dawn, Arsenal lost 1-3 when host Monaco. Until the final minutes the visitors led 2-0 through goals Geoffrey Kondongbia (38 ‘) and Dimitar Berbatov (53’), until finally in injury time there were two other goals were born that each host to pass Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain and Monaco through Yannick Ferreira Carrasco.

These results make ‘Gunner’ was not able to maximize the advantage of playing at home in the knockout phase for three consecutive seasons Champions League – all three games took place in the first leg.

Last season Arsenal 0-2 defeat when the host Bayern Munich. In the season before that Arsenal lost 1-3 to the same opponents. So not only lost at home in three consecutive seasons, Arsenal during this period also always lose in the first leg by at least two goals. Though Opta mention that since Ajax in 1969, there is no longer a team that can advance to the next phase of Cup / Champions League after defeat by a margin of two goals in the first leg at home parties themselves.

This means that Arsenal would now have to break the record to advance to the quarterfinals. It is not easy, especially Arsene Wenger’s team had never again get past the round of 16 during the last four seasons alias since become a quarter of the 2009-10 season.

The following notes are a match Arsenal versus Monaco summarized Opta

– Since Ajax in 1969, no team that can step up to the next round after losing by a margin of two goals in the first leg of the party Cup / Champions League played at home.

– For the third consecutive time, Arsenal have conceded at least two goals in his cage parties in the last 16 of the Champions League.

– At home this season Arsenal had twice conceded three goals or more in a Champions League match (against Anderlecht and Monaco). Whereas before such a thing only been four times they feel.

– Monaco joined Manchester United and Bayern who scored three goals in the Champions League away match against Arsenal.

– Arsenal are now recorded are always capable of scoring from 10 to 11 home games in the Champions League knockout phase.

– Olivier Giroud released a total of six shots on goal Monaco this morning. Although not entirely on target, the number of shots it remains the most he ever record in the Champions League.

– Since the party’s two-leg semi-final against Chelsea in 2004, only this time again Monaco could have scored two or more goals in the Champions League knockout phase.