Problem Opportunities Arsenal So Champion, Wenger: The Important Consistent Used

Problem Opportunities Arsenal So Champion, Wenger: The Important Consistent Used

London – Left behind 11 points from the top standings, Arsene Wenger did not want to boast about the chances of Arsenal compete with Chelsea and Manchester City. Create Wenger, the Gunners consistently important first.

Arsenal won 5-0 at home to Aston Villa in the Premier League week 23. Mesut Ozil et al impressive performance in the game and success close the distance with Chelsea to 11 points create opportunities ‘Gunner’ to compete so it is still wide open champion. Moreover, there are still 15 games left in the season.

Appearances Arsenal crush Villa admitted Wenger very satisfying himself. But when talking about the chances of a champion, the French manager was to be diplomatic.

“It’s too early (call Arsenal still have a chance). We trailed by 11 points – it means they have to lose four games and we have to win four times. I believe that we should try to be more consistent and then see what happens,” said Wenger.

Speaking of consistency, Arsenal are performing very okay since the turn of the year. After losing 0-2 on the first day of Southampton in 2015, the Gunners recorded a five-game winning streak in all competitions thereafter. Included in the circuit is a 2-0 lead over Manchester City.

“I can say so (Arsenal continued to improve performance). It may also indicate that we have a better consistency. It will be very important to the end of the season,” said Wenger at his club’s official website.

Arsenal had a chance to close the distance with Chelsea because both teams will still face each other. The match will be held at the Emirate Stadium on 25 April.