‘Red Devils’ Awaited March Tight

'Red Devils' Awaited March Tight

Manchester – Kans Manchester United to finish in the top four zones get tough challenge. They awaited a number of relatively heavy games in March.

United are in a position of being defeated after losing 1-2 at home to Swansea City on Saturday (21/2). Their position has now dropped to fourth place standings, bypassed by Arsenal at the same time 2-1 win over Crystal Palace.

United are now collecting 47 points, one point behind Arsenal. Troublesome for them, the position of the teams below them began to close.

Take the example of Liverpool, who successfully beat Southampton 2-0 at St Mary’s on Sunday (22/2). The Reds were previously left behind five points behind United now just stay within two points.

Brendan Rodgers made the team that now sits in sixth position with a value of 45, one point behind Southampton, who collected the value of 46. Meanwhile, under no Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool are collecting the value 44

Inevitably, the battle for the top four tight now. Arsenal, United, Soton, Liverpool and Spurs are now each only one point to the team above and below them.

For United, they have a duty not to stumble again. However, the schedule in March showed that they have to carry out some action is relatively heavy.

United will undergo final action in February at the upcoming 28th to Sunderland at Old Trafford. Afterwards, they will be away to the headquarters of Newcastle United (5 March), host Tottenham (March 15), and the trip to Anfield to face Liverpool (22 March).

Already Thus, United still have to face Arsenal at Old Trafford (10 March) in the quarterfinal round of the FA Cup.

Although heavy, the United manager, Louis van Gaal, said that they could cope with the pressure. “I think, Manchester United should be able to cope with the pressure in every game, because this is a great club,” said Van Gaal on the official club website.

“Managers and players should be able to deal with the pressure. That’s only fair,” said the manager of Dutch origin.