Right foot Robben (apparently) Still Useful

Right foot Robben (apparently) Still Useful

Munich – In Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben’s right leg is often a matter for the players joke. However, the right foot finally show off the game against HSV Hamburg, Saturday (14/2) night, and showed he could still talk.

Why right foot Robben often be a joke? Quite simply, the legs are rarely used by the players. Robben, who used to play on the right side, often to puncture of the right and kick with the left foot. Through this way, usually he scored.

So, when his right leg generate a fourth goal Bayern, who made Die Roten superior 4-0–, Bastian Schweinsteiger rush to him and pretend shining shoes on the right feet.

“I cleaned his shoes because he is usually not able to do anything with his right foot. But, today he even scored a goal,” said Schweinsteiger in the Bundesliga’s official website.

“Usually, we make fun of his right leg. But, the fact that the leg was scored today really surprised us.”

“Obviously, we are happy about it,” said Schweinsteiger.

Bayern’s own rampage in the game. They won eight goals without reply over Hamburg and freshen position itself at the top of the Bundesliga.

Eight goals Bayern be contributed from the number of goals in the 21st week of the Bundesliga. So far, of the seven games played, 33 goals already created.