Shaw: Priority MU FA Cup

Shaw: Priority MU FA Cup

Manchester – Manchester United’s chance to win the Premier League is hardly great. Therefore, Luke Shaw shifted to the target FA Cup.

Until the Premier League runs 23 weeks, MU was ranked third in the standings with 43 points. They left behind 10 points from Chelsea in the top position.

Lagging quite far from Chelsea, Shaw also thinks MU chance to be small despite the Premier League champions are reluctant to call it as something that is not possible. However, the FA Cup trophy judged more realistic to win.

FA Cup being the only competition in which MU still have a great chance to become a champion. Therefore, Shaw calls this tournament as the top priority ‘Red Devils’.

“The entire team sees this as a trophy that we want to win and especially now, you can say, this is a top priority because in the league –saya would not say we’ve not mungkin– quite far behind. So we certainly want to win the FA Cup, “Shaw said as quoted by ESPN FC.

“We were quite lucky with the lottery so far. Obviously we got teams from the lower leagues, so maybe this will be our year,” he added.

Manchester United have reached the fifth round replay match and will play against Cambridge United at Old Trafford on Tuesday (01/03/2015). In previous meetings, the two teams played to a goalless draw at the headquarters of Cambridge.