Ancelotti Demand Bale and All Players Madrid Fix Performance

Ancelotti Demand Bale and All Players Madrid Fix Performance

Madrid – Carlo Ancelotti was not satisfied with the performance of Gareth Bale. Similarly Bale with his own performance. Therefore, Ancelotti demanding players from Wales it to improve performance.

Bale missed scoring and contributed assists in seven games last Madrid in all competitions. Whereas in the seven games, Bale has always played from the beginning.

The last goal Bale created when Madrid beat Cordoba 2-1 in La Liga in January. Meanwhile, he torehkan assists in his last game against Real Sociedad in La Liga, also in January. At that time, Madrid 4-1 win over La Real.

“Everyone at the club should be doing their job as best as possible. I think, Bale was also not happy with the performance today. He understands that he has to improve its performance,” said Ancelotti as reported by Sky Sports.

With declining performance, reasonable if Bale getting criticism from his own supporters. However, according to Ancelotti, who not only Bale ugly one. When a club down, the whole aspect deserves to be rated.

In addition to Bale, according to Ancelotti again, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the entire team also declined.

“I still believe in all three.”

“The decline in performance is experienced in general, not just three. However, the whole team,” said Ancelotti.

Madrid defeated Athletic Bilbao 0-1 at the weekend. The defeat, followed by a 6-1 victory achieved by Barcelona over Rayo Vallecano on Sunday (8/3), makes Madrid ousted from the top of the standings.