Bow Hannover, Bayern Kian firmly on top

Bow Hannover, Bayern Kian firmly on top

Hannover – Bayern Munich continued their pace in the Bundesliga this season by beating Hannover 3-1. Thus, Die Roten incised five-game winning streak in the league.

In a match that took place at the AWD-Arena, Saturday (7/3) night, Bayern did not get an easy fight. Host Hannover actually bother them in the first round.

Just two minutes of the game running, Hannover already get a chance. Free kick from Hiroshi Kiyotake met with a header by Christian Schulz. However, Schulz header still soar.

Bayern then returned through a free kick David Alaba. However, kick Alaba also still not produce a goal, they bounced over the crossbar.

Hannover threatened again in the 19th minute. This time through a header from Jimmy Briand who, unfortunately for them, back over the crossbar. Only in the 25th minute, Hannover could break into the Bayern goal.

Beginning with the attack that was built from the right side, Briand breakthrough send feedback to Kiyotake. Players from Japan’s then kick off the right foot flat towards the far post. 1-0 to Hannover.

However, Hannover advantage lasted only three minutes. Joao Perreira violations committed against Alaba generate a free kick for Bayern. Through the free kick, Xabi Alonso was breaking goal Hannover. 1-1 score lasted until the first half finished.

In the second half, Hannover several times threatened the Bayern defense. Kiyotake had threatened through stitches from the left side. However, cross it releases not met a single person colleagues. Hannover attack failed.

Bayern actually turned excel in the 61st minute. Goals stems from the feedback header Franck Ribery from the left side. Floating ball calf trying struck by Robert Lewandowski with a diving header. Unfortunate for Lewandowski, head even hit the feet of Marcelo who tried to block the ball.

Lewandowski was getting treatment, while the referee pointed to the spot penalty mark given to Bayern. Thomas Mueller who became executioner do not discard useless chance.

From there, more comfortable Bayern controlled the game. In the 78th minute, they increase the advantage after a pass from the left, which again is released Ribery, met with a header by Mueller. 3-1 to Bayern.

With this result, sturdy Bayern lead the standings with 61, 11 points over Wolfsburg which at the same time losing 0-1 to Augsburg. Meanwhile, Hannover is in 11th position with a value of 27.


Hannover: Zieler, Albornoz, Perreira, Schulz, Marcelo, Sane, Schmiedebach (Ya Konan 76), Briand (Prib 68), Kiyotake, Bittencourt, Sobiech (Joselu 58).

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Dante (Lewandowski 32), Boateng, Badstuber, Alonso (Schweinsteiger 68), Bernat, Alaba, Rafinha, Goetze (Ribery 53), Robben, Mueller.