Pelle Challenged to Go Sharp

Pelle Challenged to Go Sharp

Southampton – Graziano Pelle had appeared promising along with Southampton, but the recent decline and long enough not to make goals. Italian striker was challenged to re-sharp and find his strength again.

Pelle Southampton recruited from Feyenoord last summer with the transfer of eight million euros. He so far has contributed 12 goals for the Saints, of which eight goals in the Premier League event.

However, Pelle long enough barren. 29-year-old striker was the last to make goals on 24 January, while Southampton lost to Crystal Palace in the FA Cup.

Pelle has not made a goal in the league this year. His last goal in the Premier League match against Everton was born on December 20 last.

When Pelle trouble to make a goal, his teammates in Southampton also not productive. Southampton could only scored one goal in his last five games.

Southampton manager, Ronald Koeman, do not blame Pelle on seretnya goals made his team. But, he convinced himself Pelle also motivated to go back sharply.

“One of the reasons (drag goals) is their (the opposing team) know exactly the strength of our team. We are still creating chances, but we may need a little more effective in the penalty box, more confidence in the penalty box. It is a matter of the team, not Pelle individual problems or other strikers, “said Koeman.

“We need all the players to work better in doing the last part of the attack,” he added.

“I do not want to focus on one player. He (Pelle) was working and doing everything we wanted. It was a difficult time for him, but he is an experienced player and he had to show his quality,” said Koeman.

“And, of course, he should have scored. Everyone knows it and, first of all, he would know it,” he said.