Slide Madrid in Peak Standings, Evidence Barca Not Have Problems Again

Slide Madrid in Peak Standings, Evidence Barca Not Have Problems Again

Jakarta – With a victory over Rayo Vallecano, Barcelona topped the Primera Liga standings. Gerard Pique assess achievement it became evidence that the Catalans have returned to the real appearance.

Playing at Camp Nou on Sunday (03/08/2015) night, Barca won 6-1 over Vallecano. Lionel Messi made a hat trick in the game. Two other goals are made of Luis Suarez and Pique donated grain goals.

These three points that make Barca managed to depose Real Madrid as the top standings. With a collection of 62 points, one ahead of Barca Madrid.

Position it certainly makes Pique rejoice. Therefore, nicks okay it shows that Barca have completely forgotten chaos in the locker room involving team coach Luis Enrique and Lionel Messi. But, Pique ordered that the team mates he was not a big head first. Therefore, the competition is not completely finished.

“There is at the top of the standings board today is not our focus at this time because the season is still very long. The journey is still far away,” said Pique told Football Espana.

“We started the season well and a bit of a problem, but we were able to demonstrate performance okay again.

“I think it became La Liga champions with 100 points is only an illusion. Now it becomes heavier, teams become increasingly competitive and wants us to lose points,” said Pique.

In the game, Pique as a starter and played until the last minute. He made one shot on goal and targeted to the goal to fruition. Spenajang match he made 60 touches the ball and win the two duel in the air.