The fragility of Defense ‘The White’

The fragility of Defense 'The White'

Madrid – The defeat of Schalke 04 this morning as increasingly asserted there was nothing wrong at Real Madrid today. If allowed to explore the causes of the decline in the performance of ‘The White’, the fragility of their defense could be the reason.

In the last 16 second leg of the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (03/11/2015) pm dawn, Madrid 3-4 defeat of Schalke. The result was almost just stopped Madrid in this competition suppose opponent added another goal.

For Madrid conceded four goals in European competition home games is definitely a shame, because they it is very rare. Previous Los Blancos had conceded as much when they lost 2-4 to Bayern Munich in 2000!

Even before this game, the last time conceded at least three goals or more in the cage is when AC Milan defeated by a score of 2-3 in October 2009.

Four goals were lodged at the goalkeeper Iker Casillas was also increasingly emphasized that Madrid are problematic. Not just in the lines but also in the back that can be said the problem is more acute.

Just look at that since the turn of this year, or Keylor Navas goalkeeper Casillas had conceded 19 goals in 15 matches in all competitions, or an average of 1.27 goals per game. Madrid was only five times to record a clean sheet and had twice conceded four goals in this year, after being defeated 0-4 by Atletico Madrid last February.

Compare when they recorded a 22-game winning streak until mid-December, in which the Madrid defense only allowed 10 goals lodged in the goal with the average of 0.45 per game plus 13 clean sheets.

“We did survive with very badly,” said Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos, as quoted by the official UEFA website.

Inevitably Carlo Ancelotti as coach should be able to quickly find a formula to improve the defense of Madrid, if you do not want one at a floating trophy of their hands at the end of this season.