Tide and low tide Dortmund in European Competition

Tide and low tide Dortmund in European Competition

Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund Travel in European competition in the last five seasons show the ups and downs. From stagnating in the Europa League to go up to the final, Dortmund ever experienced.

In fact, from traveling in European club competition, look how the rapid development of Dortmund. Pressing style of play quickly when they lose the ball as well as the intensity of the relentless attacks is style of play Dortmund under the direction of Juergen Klopp. His Dortmund Dortmund Klopp is pounding.

With the play style, Dortmund dominated the Bundesliga for two consecutive seasons, in 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. While in the Bundesliga became king, the same two seasons, Dortmund still running with groping in European club competition.

In 2010/2011, Dortmund still playing in the Europa League. In competition “second level” of the European club, Dortmund did not go far. They have been eliminated in the group stage, compete from Paris Saint-Germain and Sevilla, who occupy the top two positions of the group.

The next one season, with capacity as the Bundesliga champions, Dortmund in the Champions League. Their attainment when it is not special. Is a group with Arsenal, Oympique Marseille and Olympiakos, Dortmund not once did win. Significantly, they failed to qualify because so caretaker group.

It was not until the following season, in 2012/2013, Dortmund became part of the elite. Their achievements from the previous season to climb rapidly: from which no escape from the group stage, are now through to the final. However, Dortmund failed to repeat their feat in 1997. In the final, Klopp and his men had to accept defeat of Bayern Munich.

After the final, Dortmund always be subscribed fall phase of the Champions League. Last season, they drove up to the semi-finals, before finally lifting a suitcase made by Real Madrid. Dortmund lost 0-3 earlier in the headquarters of Madrid, but won 2-0 at home. Dortmund finally eliminated because aggregate defeat of the Spanish giants.

In contrast to last season, this time Dortmund eliminated without ever won once in the group phase. Face Juventus in the knock-out phase, Dortmund lost 1-2 in the first leg first. Seeing that there is one goal away in their hands, should have a chance they have not closed exhausted.

However, with hard hitting Juventus finished the chance. Dortmund them for lost 0-3 in front of their own supporters.

The defeat of Juventus made the trip to Dortmund this season so increasingly not brilliant. A few months ago, they had stranded in the Bundesliga relegation zone, before finally rising and now sits in 10th position standings.

Over the past five seasons, Dortmund been diving 45 games, with 22 of them tipped so wins, nine-pointed draw, and 14 led to the defeat. In their official website notes, Die Schwarzgelben have collected 99 625 points in the UEFA rankings.

“This is a game that should be forgotten. It all started with a goal in the third minute and after that there is no improvement at all of us,” said Klopp after his side defeated Juventus.