Coach Ancelotti still Ideal for Madrid

Coach Ancelotti still Ideal for Madrid

Madrid – Former Real Madrid player Fernando Morientes respond to speculation about the future of Carlo Ancelotti. According Morientes, Ancelotti should be maintained for the next season.

Continuation of Ancelotti’s career at the club recently questioned. Along with the contract which will expire in the next season, Madrid has also offered him a contract extension.

In this season, Madrid has certainly failed to retain the Copa del Rey. However, ‘The White’ is still likely to win two more trophies that La Liga and the Champions League.

In the competition of the domestic competition, Madrid is still two points behind Barcelona at the top of the standings. However, yet still able to track the Madrid Champions League semi-final and the chance to defend the title is still open. Something that was so long ago was not able to do since AC Milan in 1989-1990.

Morientes, who had eight seasons uniformed Los Blancos, assess Ancelotti is still the right person to train Cristiano Ronaldo et al. Moreover, the Italian tactician had great success drove to Madrid to give four titles throughout 2014.

“For now, he is the ideal manager for Real Madrid. He has shown it,” said Morientes in the US.

“He is a coach at the top level, and never succeed in France, Britain, and Spain,” said the owner of two league titles and three Champions League with Real Madrid’s.

“Given the history of Real Madrid, some of the fans seem to have forgotten; that’s the reason why Madrid should have won the championship trophy in every season.”