Mourinho: Competition Season Home Will Increasingly Difficult, Difficult Makin Dominating

Mourinho: Competition Season Home Will Increasingly Difficult, Difficult Makin Dominating

London – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes the competition in the top Premier League next season will be more stringent. Therefore, it is also more difficult for a team to look dominant.

Chelsea this season arguably carry out a smooth ride. The Blues perform consistently so far, only lost two times of 33 weeks. In that period they won 23 times and eight times picking a draw.

The rate of children make the west London leads the standings with a formidable and likely wrap up the title this weekend. They now lead with a score of 77 out of 33 weeks, 10 points ahead of Manchester City and Arsenal at positions two and three.

Chelsea arguably enough to dominate this season. But Mourinho believes next season will be more difficult situation because the competition will be intense.

Arsenal, for example, called Mourinho has the potential to repeat the unbeaten run along in the 2003-2004 season with a little polish. While Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool believed would make an important step to strengthen the team in the summer.

“Now it is more difficult to dominate than ever before. How can you talk about the dominance when everyone knows what will happen in next summer?” Mourinho said quoted by Soccerway.

“Give Arsenal four top players and I think they will become The Invincibles (nickname Arsenal in the 2003-2004 season) again. Manchester United have the squad is phenomenal. They will invest big again in the summer.”

“City have worked very phenomenal, winning two titles in three years and people said they would invest very large. Liverpool fighting for the title for years. Next year will be difficult for all the teams.”

“At this time, it is very difficult in the Premier League for a team to dominate. This is not Germany with Bayern Munich. This is not Switzerland with Basel. This is not Scotland with Celtic,” said the Portuguese manager.