PSSI outbreaks Done, It’s Governing Structure Underlying

PSSI outbreaks Done, It's Governing Structure Underlying

Surabaya – Extraordinary Congress PSSI completed. He Nyalla Mattalitti elected chairman, Erwin D Budiawan and Hinca Panjaitan accompany as vice chairman of one and two.

Outbreak that took place at the JW Marriott was held on Saturday (18/04/2015). Starting at 9:00 pm, show ity finished around 17.30 pm.

In between outbreaks, no decision freezing PSSI by Imam Nahrawi Affairs. The course of the outbreak also was marred rallies thousands Bonek Persebaya 1927, but they disbanded after PSSI has been frozen out of government.

“Today I got the mandate of PSSI members to lead the organization. I will try to contribute the best for Indonesia,” said La Nyalla in excerpts of a speech after the decision to become chairman.

“Thank you for the mandate,” he added.

Member of the Board of PSSI 2015-2019

PSSI chairman: La Nyalla Matalitti
Vice Chairman 1: Erwin D Budiawan
Vice Chairman 2: Hinca Panjaitan

Executive Committee:

Diza Razid Ali
Jamal Aziz
Dodi Alex Reza
Gusti Randa
Husni Hasibuan
Johar Lim Eng
La Siya
Reva Main Dedi
Roberto Rouw
Tony Apriliani