Towards a New Record Chelsea in the Premier League

Towards a New Record Chelsea in the Premier League

Jakarta – Chelsea on the path to a new record in the Premier League. If it continues to maintain its position at the top until the end of the season, Chelsea will be the oldest team in the top position.

Chelsea currently leads the standings with 70 points from 30 matches. They are seven points ahead of Arsenal in second place plus they have a delay action against Leicester City.

Chelsea spent the entire season with the top spot or have a number of points equal to the team at the top. Only Tottenham Hotspur, who had tasted the top position after two games, but only on goal difference from Chelsea.

It’s been 230 days passed Chelsea are top this season. That means the Blues took 33 days to pass the record is still held by Manchester United. Similarly, as quoted from the Telegraph.

‘Red Devils’ spent 262 days in the top of the league in the 1993/1994 season. The record was unbreakable Chelsea on 13th May or two more games before the Premier League completely.

When a champion in the 2005/2006 season, Chelsea, who was then also handled Mourinho spent 257 days in the first rank. While Arsenal are unbeaten in the 2003/2004 season only leads the standings for 216 days.