Barca vs Bayern Predicted Duel Most Attractive throughout Europe

Barca vs Bayern Predicted Duel Most Attractive throughout Europe

Barcelona – Barcelona meeting with Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final is not just a matter of fierce fighting over the final ticket. Stage star players, reunion Pep Guardiona and other things will make the game as the most interesting duel in Europe this season.

Barca will act as the host first. Blaugrana will host Bayern in the Camp Nou on Thursday (05/07/2015) pm dawn.

Barca has a double mission in the duel. The meeting was an opportunity Lionel Messi et al. for revans over a major defeat in the semi-finals in the season 2012/2013. At that time, Barca eliminated Bayern with a 0-7 aggregate defeat.

Clashes this time will also be a homecoming drama Pep. Yes, Pep who has chalked a long history, both as a coach and player, with the team Catalans back as the opposite camp.

Enrique is dismissed if the game was not merely to conquer Guardiola. The duel was called to be fierce as both teams have draw level.

“There is only one ball in the midfield and both teams wanted it. We’ll see which team is able to control the most good,” said Enrique as quoted by the official club website.

“It will be a matchup of the most attractive in Europe at this time. We have players with great individual ability, they are driving this duel would be interesting. We also have a back line that is compact and high collectivity increasingly make this team stronger,” explains him.